Financial Deliverance

I’m still waiting on hearing back from the apartments I applied to live at if they’d take me.

It’s a strange situation. Never pictured myself here, but really it makes sense from their perspective to be cautious.

The bottom line is this: The bank foreclosed on the house of my marriage. My ex, while we were still married and I was offering to reconcile, had been living in it for about 7-8 months after we split. I paid half of the mortgage on top of child support for about 10 months to make the payments. Couldn’t get it sold because the housing market tanked, and I was having trouble servicing my debt, especially with all the lawyer costs. Anyway… Couldn’t get a short sale done and didn’t have the necessary paperwork (taxes) to just let the bank take it.

So, the apartments may ask for an extra deposit. That’s fine. I understand. Were I in their situation, I’d do the same thing. But I was hoping to have gotten confirmation one way or the other by now.

The good news is that I’ve paid off the bulk of my debt, thanks in large part to some generous friends who let me stay rent-free at their house for over a year an a half now. Things are finally turning around, financially speaking. Besides school debt, I should be out of all unsecured debt in a couple of months. And I’m going to accelerate my school debt. I don’t really understand why things have turned on so little merit on my part except to say that God had other plans. Still, that doesn’t change the consequences of getting into so much debt to begin with that I couldn’t handle the split.

Never again. God willing. Never again. It doesn’t belong to me, anyway, so I have no business spending on myself and my household what I have not earned and what really belongs to Him, anyway. So no more debt.

I’m excited, though! I have to live lean for a couple of months while I buy furniture and stuff, but the question isn’t how I will use it for myself, but rather how I can use it for Him. He doesn’t need me, to be sure, but I long to serve in any capacity he may have use for me.



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