Finance · Furnishing


Found out yesterday that the apartment complex has accepted my application. I’ll be moving in most of my stuff this weekend. Lots to do between now and then to make it ready for habitation. Not so much for myself, because I can sleep on the floor — but my kids, whom I have this weekend, will appreciate some of the basics like a bed, soap, towels, etc.

I’m already breaking from my original plan to put off buying a couch for 2 months because my friends (who have let me stay at their house for the last year an a half) offered to sell me their several-month-old living set at a ridiculously good price, on top of which they’re allowing me to spread out the payments over a couple of months.

So that presents me with a dilemma. Do I offset the additional purchase with something I have slated as higher priority? Or do I just accept that I’ve gone over budget this month (if I can’t find equivalent offsets elsewhere)?

I don’t have an answer right now. However, I am grateful beyond words for my friends.


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