Salt, Measuring Tape, and Toilet Paper

The alternative title for this post is “Things A New Apartment Doesn’t Have but You Wish It Did.”

The big weekend has come and gone. I’m officially moved in, and the apartment is “livable,” though now I know there are some things that an apartment doesn’t come with. It’s amazing how much we take for granted.

I had only a few days to pack. Happily, most of my stuff (such as it is) was in storage, so I didn’t have much packing except for the personal effects — books, clothing, etc. — that I either needed for day-to-day living or just slowly accumulated over the course of a year and a half. I thought I’d have both my kids with me, so I scaled back what I wanted to get done: Only the beds. Well, as it turned out, with the help of my dearest friends and those who selflessly offered their equipment or services, I got much more than that done.

My son was supposed to come — and I was really counting on his help, but his mom told me he had other commitments and couldn’t make it. Apparently he got into some trouble at school and needed to do some makeup work.

[Side note: I call my son “my son” because I have helped raise him since he was 5, and I’m the only dad he knows. Biologically and legally, I have no claim to him, in spite of my requests to adopt him over the years and after the separation]

At any rate, my girl came and made a trip with me in the morning to get some of the loose stuff I had packed into the apartment. She was great at opening and closing doors for me as I trekked the stuff from the car to the apartment. The day before, I had already picked up some of the stuff I ordered online, including a microwave.

This came in handy when she asked for a snack. Management gave me a “snack pack” when I picked up my keys. It included popcorn, chocolate, and mints. So I just decided to try out the new microwave. Big hit, though the aroma of the popcorn was still present when I returned a few hours later. A sign of things to come?

We stayed the night on Saturday, and I rested more comfortably than I had in years. It was the first time I had slept in that bed for more than two years, so that makes sense. I’m glad to have it. It was the only piece of furniture I really insisted on after it appeared the divorce was imminent and the door to reconciliation would be shut on me.

Sunday night we actually ate there, too! Microwave, of course. On top of boxes instead of a table (which will be mailed this week — hopefully it will be in before the weekend). For my next meal, I hope to use the slow cooker, if I can figure it out. It’s a bit too clever for me, but I guess I can read the manual.

Now it’s time to get organized. I hope I can get it all done in two weeks. There are just so many things I took for granted. For instance, as I was eating my microwaved dinner last night, I was getting ready to stand up to find the salt and pepper before I realized, “Oh, wait. I don’t have salt and pepper.”

Amazingly, the stuff doesn’t grow in cabinets.


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