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8 Things to Know Before You Leave Their Mother

I recently started following a Facebook group called “The Father’s Rights Movement,” which is an organization that purports to support equal rights for dads in the family courts. I have a great deal of empathy for fathers who want to see their children, but keep running into artificial roadblocks set up by people claiming to be acting… Continue reading 8 Things to Know Before You Leave Their Mother

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A Dad’s Role in Protecting His Daughter

A lot has happened since my last post. Here’s the short version: I met a girl. We fell in love. A few months later, I introduced her to my daughter and (step)son. The ex got upset. We spent the next two years dealing with the fallout from that. After getting remarried, circumstances dictated I seek redress from the… Continue reading A Dad’s Role in Protecting His Daughter

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Redeeming Hope

This blog is intended to serve primarily divorced fathers. I am not a counselor. I claim no expertise whatsoever except that I’ve sadly had to live through a lot of pain associated with divorce and being separated from my children. Whether your situation mirrors mine precisely or not, whether you’ve made mistakes in your past,… Continue reading Redeeming Hope